Copic Tips & Tricks – Dirty lids

Cleaning markers reduced

After you’ve been using your copic markers for a while, you may notice that the lids get a bit grungy … and then the colour gets all over the grey nib area as well.  While that’s not a big problem in the grand scheme of things, it does pay to keep your markers clean before the buildup starts to affect the seal.

The first option for cleaning is to get some rubbing alcohol (like Isocol) or hand sanitiser onto a cotton bud and give it a good clean.  I did that for a while, until I started to feel a bit guilty about wasting all that perfectly good ink.  That’s when I went for option #2.

I call this the ‘waste not want not’ approach to cleaning.  First I print or stamp out some nice simple stamps, like dragonflies, butterflies or flowers.  Next I grab my 0 Colourless Blender, making sure it’s well-inked (this doesn’t work with a dry-ish nib).  Pick up the ink residue from inside the cap and on the marker around the nib.

Cleaning Markers 1 reduced

The more ink you pick up on your 0 colourless blender, the more intense the colour when you use it to colour your stamped images!

Cleaning Markers 2 reduced

Now doesn’t that feel better than throwing an ink-soaked cotton bud in the bin?  If you cleaned one marker every time you coloured, you’d have a great store of ready-to-use coloured images and lovely clean markers with perfect seals.

If you need to re-ink your colourless blender, you can find refills in the shop CLICK HERE


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