Halloween & New Traditions

Every year since we moved into an area where trick or treating is popular, our kids have begged,nagged and pleaded with us to go join the other kids in the sugar-fest that is Halloween.  There are a lot of hills where we live.  Steep … actually … VERY steep hills.  Someone always caves and lets them go, or we take a bunch of other kids trekking around with us.  It’s never sat right with me.  Not because of the often heard “Halloween is American and we’re Australian” sentiment, but because I don’t like them bothering the neighbours, and the safety aspect makes me uneasy.  To be honest, we’re really not into Halloween at all.  However, our girls and their friends LOVE a good excuse to wear their cosplay outfits and get together and act crazy.  They’re good kids, they’ve been studying hard for exams, so why not have a party and mix it with Halloween?  And so after last year we declared “NO MORE” and decided that we would just have a party in the back yard in 2013.

IMG_3294 reduced


Therefore, the following day I began buying up Halloween themed party supplies at 50% and 75% off.  I also started a board on Pinterest so I could collect good ideas.  Hubby carved this pumpkin, based on Jack from Tim Burton’s ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’.  He was very popular, and amazingly 15 teenagers sat and watched the entire movie from beginning to end!

IMG_3310 reduced


I found several versions of this dip-puking pumpkin on Pinterest, and mixed up my own spicy dip with thin rice crackers.  It was really popular, and I’m glad my kids’ friends have a great sense of humour!  We also served up punch with ice brains, pizza and garlic bread, and put out bowls of lollies (which were not all taken … go figure).  For these kids, it’s all about dressing up.  They were all sent home with instructions to brush their teeth, and not dig into their goodies bags until the next day.  The parents thought it was a great idea, and everyone had a blast.  We will definately do it again next year!



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