Copics for Beginners – wish list

Full collection reduced


I admit it … this was me when I first set eyes on copic markers.  The colours … the blending … bliss!  But like most of us, I had to work within a budget when I was starting out … I couldn’t have it all at once *pout*.

Often people ask me about a good starter kit for copic colouring, so I thought I would cover some of the basics today.

Ink & blending card reduced


Before you colour anything, you need a good base.  My favourite cardstock for colouring is X-Press It blending card.  It doesn’t pill, the colour doesn’t grab, you can move the ink around, but it doesn’t bleed outside the lines.  Perfect!  The other important item is a good ink.  Memento ink won’t ruin your marker nibs or run when ink is applied to it.  You can even refill the inkpad, making it a great investment for stampers.  If you are a digital stamper, you need to test your printer ink before you colour it.  I have a video on this very topic.  CLICK HERE  The X-Press It blending card is laser printer compatible, so you can run it through a laser printer or photocopier.  I often have my local SNAP store print onto my own blending card.  Want some blending card or an inkpad now?  CLICK HERE

Copic ciao skin & hair set reduced


The markers in the above photo are my favourite starting set.  If you can only have 8 markers to start … this would be my choice, especially if you want to colour people stamps.  The E50, E51 & E53 markers are my go-to skin colour combo, and the R02 is great for cheeks.  This same E50’s combo will also colour pale blonde hair and cream coloured clothes.  The E31, E33 & E35 markers are my go-to brunette colour combo.  This set can be expanded later to include E30, E37 & E39 for more shading & highlight options.  They will also colour dark skin, and pretty much anything brown (trees, treasure chests, chocolate, benches … the list goes on!)  The 0 Colourless Blender is a miracle marker!  You can correct mistakes and do some very cool effects!  Want a 0 colourless blender right now?  CLICK HERE  Want the skin & hair tones right now?  CLICK HERE

Fave Colours reduced


What next?  Well … it’s just a matter of picking your favourite colour and going from there.  If you search Copic Colour Combo here on the blog, or check the board on Pinterest CLICK HERE, you will find a new colour combo every Monday.  Build your collection according to your budget, and you’ll be colouring in no time.

The last investment I recommend is at least one lesson with a Copic Certified Designer.  There is so much to know and learn about Copic markers, and you know that a certified instructor has learned direct from the source.  And yes … I am a certified instructor.  If you would like a lesson from me, just email me at for details.

Practice, practice, practice, and enjoy the process!


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