Copic Wish List printable

When someone asks you “What would you like for Christmas/Birthday/Mothers Day/*insert any reason for gift giving here* this year?” … wouldn’t it be nice to be able to pluck a list from your pocket/handbag/fridge door and say “Anything on here would be nice, thankyou.”?  I present to you … My Copic Wish List.Copic Wish List reduced

Just click the image and print the PDF.  Why are there 2?  Well … Christmas & Birthday for starters 😉  The back is conveniently blank for everyone who is like me and wants way more than the front of the list allows for LOL.

Leave one on the fridge, and one by the phone, or give one to whoever your family inevitably rings to ask “What does she want for Christmas this year?” so that they can answer with confidence!  And because it’s Christmas, well … you might just find a little extra something in with your goodies 😉


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