Test Inks for Copic Compatibility

Blog Pic test ink for copic compatibility reduced

A question I’m asked a lot is how to test stamping, drawing or printing ink to see if it is safe to use with Copic markers.  It’s a pretty simple test, and today I have a video for you that shows you exactly how to do that test.  This applies to inkpads, fineliners and printer ink.  To test printer ink, simply print a single letter at approximately 20pt size on regular printer paper.

When it comes to printer inks, I have had success with my home Epson inkjet printers, however when I am using a lot of 0 colourless blender, it does bleed a little.  If your inkjet printer ink doesn’t pass the test, remember that XPress It Blending Card is laser printer compatible.  It will happily run through a photocopier or laser printer, and while you may not have one at home, you may have a friendly workplace, local SNAP printer or Officeworks (or similar) store that will do it for you.

The recommended inkpad is Memento (I use Tuxedo Black), and the perfect fineliner is a Copic Multiliner (available in lots of nib sizes and colours).  Laser printing will never bleed as it is heat set.

Now it is time for the video … I hope that it’s helpful!  CLICK HERE


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