Copic Colour Combo – Honey Butter

Copic Colour Combo of the week Honey Butter

This week’s Copic Colour Combo does double duty.  Not only is it a gorgeous pale blonde, but it is also my FAVOURITE skin tone combination (E50, E51 & E53).  Want another reason to own this combination?  If you need to colour something cream … this is your combo!  How light or dark it is depends on your approach to the highlight space.

If you decide you need this combo right  now, this very minute, you can find them in the online store CLICK HERE.  Everyone who purchases this weeks Copic Colour Combo will receive one these references cards free with their order.  Cards are laser printed onto blending card, and fit conveniently into a business card holder.  Need more reference cards and a reference binder for yourself?  CLICK HERE


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