Year 6 Farewell

Where have I been for last 2 weeks?  In major decorating mode for Miss E’s year 6 school farewell.  How could I resist the invitation to join the decorating committee, especially when they had decided on a Hollywood theme!!!???  I just couldn’t … plus, I got to work with a great friend, whom I don’t get to see all that often, so that was a cool bonus.

blog photo 1

The first challenge was to get the school hall looking a little bit Hollywood.  We used black plastic tablecloths, and were extraordinarily lucky to borrow these amazing white lycra chair covers with black tulle bows!  Our table runners were red felt Christmas runners from the local dollar shop.  For the walls we had printed 6×8 glossies of all the students as well as some celebrity photos downloaded from the internet.  We printed gold & silver paper with a plain frame, added the photo, then laminated them.  The kids were chuffed to see themselves beside the likes of Bradley Cooper, Tom Cruise and Emma Stone!  We also asked our local video store nicely, and they gave us some old movie posters that we added to the walls.

Blog photo 6

Our Table centrepieces were oscar shapes cut from gold cardboard.  We sprayed some plastic icecream cups from the dollar shop with black spraypaint, and stood up the oscars in a ball of playdough sitting on top of the upturned cups.  The table numbers were printed as photos and stuck on with a little double sided tape.  There were irridescent stars scattered along the runner.  The film draped around each oscar came from a party store.  The kids made and signed their own placemats.  The place cards were done in photoshop, printed as photos.  Each child was nominated as best actor/actress, teachers were nominated for Best Director or Assistant Director.

blog photo 5

The catering committee made this incredible display of cupcakes, and served up canapes outside as the kids walked the red carpet.  Dinner was burgers & fries and they all went home with a chinese takeaway box full of goodies!  There was a blue drink at some point that gave some of the kids blue lips, tongues & teeth LOL.

Blog photo 2

This was definately the most work, but sooooo worth it!  One of the school dads cut out these amazing big oscars (with stands & bases), and painted them gold.  He also painted these 2 huge MDF sheets in the base school colour.  Super Jodie helped me stencil on the basic shape, then I finished by handpainting and touching up 20 school logos.  It looks amazing in the photos … our very own sponsor board.  The school will continue to use this for many years to come.

blog photo 3

A real highlight of the night for the kids was our photo booth area.  I photographed the kids placing their handprints in our Graumans Chinese Theatre boxes!  We used pizza boxes, and lined them with clear contact.  A school dad made some wooden bases with a bit of a tilt for photographic purposes.  The whole lot was covered in red tape, and I had my local SNAP store print me the signs for the front.  Another intrepid school Mum & school sister rotated the boxes.  What’s in them?  Why that would be grey playdough, mixed up in super Jodie’s Thermomix by her clever daughter!

blog photo 4

Given that our school has a large performing arts class, it was no surprise that the kids loved the other photo booth area filled with props!  Photographed by Sarah-the-awesome, they had a blast grabbing a prop and striking a pose with their friends.  Just quietly, Super Jodie and I had tonnes of fun shopping for those props!!!  Sadly, 2 boys were unable to attend, and they were a bit down about it.  So … we enlarged their school photos, printed them, put them on sticks, and they still got to be in photos with their friends!  It was our way of including them in the night.

This was a HUGE task.  The sponsor board alone took a whole week (including many late nights) to create.  I couldn’t have done it alone, and we had plenty of help.  When it was over and done, I pulled an all-nighter editing the 650 photos that we took on the night.  Photos are important to me.  It’s what the kids keep and will look back on with fond memories for years to come.

Highlights of the night included hearing all the “oooooh’s” and “ahhhhhhh’s” as the door opened and the parents saw the beautifully decorated hall.  Also, hearing parents comment to each other that it was the best year 6 farewell the school has ever seen.  Sadly, Miss E was a tad overwhelmed and had a bit of a meltdown half way through.  But she looked so, so beautiful, and I can’t believe she has finished primary school already.

A huge undertaking, to be sure, but I was delighted to be able to use my skills to create a magical night for 72 incredible kids.  We did it on a modest budget, and couldn’t have managed without parental help.



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