A very Portal Christmas


This year … we let the kids choose our Christmas tree theme.  They chose Portal, the video game.


We thought we’d let them stretch their imagination and get a bit resourceful.  Portal is, after all, a puzzle solving game.  And so I was dispatched to the shops with a list – orange tinsel, blue tinsel, silver & blue & orange baubles.  Note … orange tinsel is really, really hard to find (thanks goes to Super Jodie for finding it for me!).  Miss K sat down with the silver baubles and got painting.  Miss E hit the figurines & collectibles shelf … and this is what they did.


Wheatley … our favourite core, voiced by Stephen Merchant.


Intelligence core.


Fact core.


One of 4 turrets that adorns the tree (from EB games).

Companion Cube

Weighted Companion Cube, a great printable located via Pinterest. CLICK HERE

Tree topper

Chell … collectible figurine (with light up handheld portal device aka portal gun) from EB Games.  She didn’t arrive until Christmas morning, but she makes a great tree topper!


Most visitors over Christmas didn’t really notice that our tree was adorned with personality cores, companion cubes and turrets.  It just looked pretty!  And of course, on Christmas eve, the PS3 was fired up, and Portal 2 was enjoyed by all.  Hey … we each have our own traditions, and living in a house full of gamers, it was bound to happen eventually!  What was most important was spending time together, laughing a lot, and handing over control of the tree decorating to the kids.  Who knows what theme they will want next year!!??!!



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