Project 365 … my way

This is the 4th year that I have tacked Project 365 (aka Project Life) in my own special way.  I had attempted it in 2009 using traditional scrapbooking … I never even got started.  The task was just too big!

So in 2010 I tried a new approach.  Since I spend more time at the computer than at the scrapbooking desk, it made sense to give it a try using the many, many digital scrapbooking kits I’d been accumulating!  And so … here is my approach …

1. One week to a page keeps it compact.
2. Use one gorgeous digital kit so that the whole thing is nice and uniform.
3. I created templates for my daily journalling & photo so all I have to do is drop in the pic and type a little at night. They can then sit on the thumb drive until I happen to be printing photos.
4. Every file has the date on it, so when I get them back from the printer I just have to trim them and stick them on the right page.
5. I spend an entire day creating my week titles and templates. I print them between Christmas & New Year and stick them down on the cardstock.
6. See previous blog post about why you should approach post-bound albums with caution.

p365 reduced 1

My pieces are 5.25″ x 2.5″ and I can fit 8 on a single 12″x12″ page.

p365 reduced 2

If for any reason I did not take a photo on a particular day, I will set it up to take the next day or refer to Google or Pinterest to find a suitable photo.

I do NOT recommend letting your entries & photo taking get more than 2-3 days behind.  I fell a whole month behind in November, and had to refer back to my Facebook statuses and PMs to figure out what I did each day.  Mostly it’s habit to open up the blank template in Photoshop in the afternoon, then finish it off before I shut down the computer at night.  I put all the files onto my thumb drive, and next time I’m printing photos (preferably when they are 10c at Domayne!) I print them.  Then it’s a matter of trimming & sticking into place.  It’s easy when the pages are prepped with the week title at the top already!

Tips to make this a successful project:
* Take a photo of some part of your day … the view from your window, your instagram lunch, kids, pet, something that you’re doing to work toward a goal … with camera or phone.
* Regardless of whether you buy a Project Life Kit or set it up on your own, give it daily attention.
* Want an interesting album to look back on next year?  Make an effort to do some interesting stuff!
* Join forces with a friend, and remind each other to do your daily entries.
* Make it a family project, and give everyone a turn at taking the photos and writing the journalling.
* Make sure there are some photos of yourself in there!!

Cost … yes … I admit I worried this would be an expensive album.  When I first started it cost over $100 to get a Project Life kit from the USA (but of course, you can buy them in Australia, even at Spotlight & Domayne now!).  I added up the cost of doing it in paper and gave up before I even finished the calculations.  However, doing it the way I do, using a digital kit & printing everything as photographs … it’s pretty affordable.

12×12 postbound album (from my stash, approx $8)
1 lg pack Grant Arcival 12×12 sleeves with white inserts $13
1 6×8 Print (cover) free (because I use the vouchers at Domayne)
1 5×7 print (title page) 38c
424 6×4 prints @ 10c (I wait for sale days at Domayne!) $42.40.

The reasons for doing this project are many and varied for everyone.  My reasons are to prompt me to do something interesting instead of sitting around the house all weekend.  It also takes the pressure off me to scrapbook every event, because I capture them in the P365 album.

So … you might be thinking that I’m mildly insane (I’d have to agree with you some days!).  Mostly, though, you might be thinking that you don’t have time.  I didn’t think I did either … but it takes me just a couple of minutes a day to print this, and I trim/stick on days when I feel like doing something I don’t really have to concentrate on.  Sure … you might think it’s just too big a project.  If that’s you … then why not try a project 52.  Just one entry per week … what awesome thing did you achieve?  Where did you go?  Who did you meet?  What’s your fave photo of the week?  Or why not a project 12?  Just one journal block and photo per month.  I admit to also creating an 8×8 softcover photo book from Big W every year.  I do this with digital scrapbooking, using free templates from Shabby Princess (look for project scrap or easy as pie templates HERE on her blog).  In the photos above I used the Shabby Princess Hopscotch set.  I use a different digi kit every year to match the colour of the album.

Got questions about Project 365?  Fire away!


2 thoughts on “Project 365 … my way

  1. Hello!

    I have been following the Copic Color Combos that you used to post on pinterest, but I no longer see them. Have you stopped posting them??

    Thanks for your time,

    Debbi Logan

    • Hi Debbie,

      I took a week off for Christmas, and did intend to be back this week, but needed to take some time out when a friend passed away on Sunday. Copic Colour Combos will return on Monday … never fear!


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