ATC Swap – Teal & Red

ATC swap


Before Christmas I joined a Teal & Red ATC swap over at Inkurable Artistry.  Sarah is amazing at these … I feel like a bit of a beginner when it comes to ATCs.  What is an ATC?  It stands for Artists Trading Cards.  They can only be traded, not sold, and are made in limited editions.

Mine is the bottom left one.  I am absolutely in love with all of these beautiful works!  I see them going into a box frame for my freshly tidied office very soon!

Want to join an ATC swap?  Inkurable Artistry and Darkroom Door run them on a regular basis.  Want to join a different kind of swap?  I run those monthly via my Facebook page (and the Scrap It TV facebook page).


6 thoughts on “ATC Swap – Teal & Red

    • Sarah of Inkurable Artistry is a friend of mine, and she runs ATC swaps regularly. Darkroom Door also runs regular ATC swaps. Just check their Facebook pages or websites for details, and it’s so easy to join! I run swaps, but not ATCs … mostly cards, but there will be some variety this year. Details on my Facebook page, next swap opens next week. Dawn

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