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A long time, in a galaxy far, far away … OK … so maybe it was 11 years ago on Yahoo … I belonged to the greatest swap group on earth.  OzSwapTillYouDrop.  Founded by Rachel Greig of Darkroom Door, this group became my home page … that’s how much I loved it.  After a few years I took over ownership of the group, and we were running a swap (sometimes two) every single week!  We had great hosts, interesting themes … wow it was fun!  Mostly I loved sharing my papercrafting passion with likeminded people, and some of those girls are my very best friends to this day.

Eventually, activity on the group began to wind down.  We either were moving on to new hobbies, spending less time online or were just too darn busy for swaps.  It lives on in a tiny group on Facebook now.

However, the darndest thing happened last year.  I run the Scrap It TV facebook page, and while viewers were eagerly waiting for the new season to air, I decided to run a swap, just to see if anyone would be interested … BOOM!  Nearly 20 people signed up!  So I ran another, then another … and all of a sudden I have boxes like this at the end of every month!  It is soooo much fun to check the PO Box and find a big pile of mail!

What is a swap?  Well … I set the theme and due date.  Everyone has about a week to sign up (by emailing me).  I file all the emails, and then on the Sunday I send out full details to everyone.  Everyone makes 6 identical items, sends them to me with a stamped, self addressed envelope, and when they’re all in, I swap them around and send you back 6 different items made by others who have joined in.

Video about how to pack your swap items to post them  CLICK HERE.
Pinterest board for swap inspiration CLICK HERE.
Pack & post graphics CLICK HERE.

Why join a swap?  It’s easy to make a bunch of cards (or other items) at the same time.  You get to see what other papercrafters are doing & using, and pick up new ideas.  It builds your card collection, giving you great variety of cards to send/give and handmade embellishments to use in your crafting.

Do I have to join every single one?  No.  Just join when the theme appeals to you, and when you have time.  If you join, but need to drop out, just let me know … it’s not a problem.  Sometimes life gets in the way of the fun stuff.  Swaps run January to November.

Want to know when swaps are open?  You can join my emailing list HERE, or follow along on Facebook HERE.


2 thoughts on “Swaps

  1. OzSwapTillYouDrop was/is a great group. I have participated in many of the swaps and have lasting Facebook friendships from that era. At the same time I was part of an online scrapping community through a shop 123Scrapbook and we had weekly challenges and virtual scrap nights where we would scrap and chat. Scrap BINGO was always very popular. I do miss these activities…maybe when my life slows down a little I can get back to it 🙂 And if you haven’t done a swap before “just do it”, its lots of fun and you learn as you go 🙂

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