Take time to be still

31 Jan 2014 Baby Bowerbird & Mum (2) reduced


Three and a half weeks ago I underwent a pretty major surgery.  Even as recently as 10 years ago, this surgery would see you spend 12 weeks in recovery, 6 weeks before you were off painkillers or could walk around without help.  Yes … I was prepared for a loooong recovery.  But these days it is done in a keyhole fashion, and while I now boast 5 extra scars, I am up and around and surprising my entire family.  Today I drove my daughter to school … first time behind the wheel in 4 weeks.  I feel pretty darn good.

But … for the last month I have been at home, not often alone, but confined to bed or my favourite spot on the lounge.  I have almost completed quite a large Dr Who themed cross-stitch. I have watched the entire 3 seasons of Black Books, 2 seasons of Sherlock and napped a bit more often than I usually would.  I am grateful to my family for chipping in and doing all the housework, shopping & cooking, and to my Mum for coming down to stay with me 3 days per week.  She cleans like a lunatic, and has been taking Miss E to school for me.  I have had a few friends bring me an awesome lunch, a chai latte, and help with the school run.  I’m a lucky girl.

This has been a valuable time to sit, and be still, and notice small things.  For example … that photo up there … that is a female Satin Bowerbird, and her baby.  They have been coming to my back yard most days, to eat my bugs and generally hang out.  Last year I was so busy I wouldn’t have noticed.  It has made me realise what I want to do this year, and what I don’t want to do. Both my girls are in high school now, but they still need me.  I’ve been still, and they come and chat to me about this and that.  There are new approaches to old problems that have been planned.  There is busy work I was doing last year, and I don’t want to do it anymore … because I don’t enjoy it, it eats away my day, and doesn’t make me happy.  There are things I have always wanted to do … and this year I will be doing them.  There is some hard work that I must do, and I may as well get started now, because I’m tired of living with regret at not starting it sooner.  Most of all, I want to take time to be still.  Take time to drink a proper cup of tea, brewed in a pot, watch the birdlife in my garden and choose my days activity.

Today, though, I have had enough adventure. More cross-stitch I think.


One thought on “Take time to be still

  1. I wasn’t aware of your surgery Dawn but I’m pleased to hear you are recovering well. And being still is wonderful. I love being still.
    How lucky you are to have the bower birds in your garden. That is just so amazing. 🙂
    Take care my friend.

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