Happy Birthday to Meeeee

1 Copic Ciao


Yes, it’s my birthday, and the inevitable question arose from my Mum … “What would you like for your birthday?”.  Honestly, there’s very little I would like in the way of material things … ok … so there’s a dvd I’d really like to round out my Simon Pegg & Nick Frost collection.

The things I really enjoy are a tidy house, a nice meal that I don’t have to cook, zero drama, and a good bargain.  I have a bunch of amazing customers, and it occurred to me … why not give some presents too?  SO … on my facebook page all weekend there will be bargains galore.  Some are big discounts, some are small, but I have a dozen goodies at prices that would make me go “WOW”.  So … if you are a copic colouring person, or you know someone who is, feel free to get a bargain over on Facebook.  All you have to do is CLICK HERE to be transported, and the sale prices are valid until midnight Monday 24 February (or until I shut it down after the kids get to school on Tuesday morning).  I am placing a special order on Tuesday, so you can have any copic colours your little heart desires!!!


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