Paper Cupboard makeover

After our renovation, I pretty much crammed everything into my crafting cupboards and made do.  I added some extra storage, and made it up as I went along … but it was too damn hard to work in.


On the surface it didn’t look too bad, but I was finding it hard to move boxes to get to other boxes behind them, and there wasn’t much working space on my desk.

Desk before

So, while hubby was away for a couple of days with work, I pulled everything out, with a view to storing more efficiently

Desk during

Instantly my desk looked better … but I had to deal with all of this …

Stuff to rehome

It was super time consuming.  I had boxes and containers that I’d just shoved things into, because I couldn’t get to my colour embellishment boxes.  I emptied them all, and filed them properly into the embellishment boxes.  I still have a few small things to take care of, but I can work more easily on my desk, and pack up much faster between projects.

Desk after

Look at all that space!  Adding some tiered shelves has helped get a lot of things off the desk, and I will add some 3M hooks above the Cricut machine to hang some of my new goodies in sight.


Ta-daaaaa!  The finished cupboard!  Sure … I have 2 more to do, but at least I can work in this one.  Why did I choose the paper cubpoard first?  Because I have a HUGE deadline looming and it is papercrafting … so now I can work for a while, and hit the fabric cupboard when that deadline has passed 🙂  It’s nice to have one place where I can look, and know that the job is done!


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