Sweet Stamp Shop – I’m a stockist!

A few months back I came across a Design Team call for Sweet Stamp Shop, based in the USA.  After a quick look around their store I was seriously impressed, and I applied.  Alas … I didn’t make the cut, but them’s the breaks, and on seeing the new DT members, I could see why they were chosen … Ah-may-zing!

Last month they popped up in my Facebook newsfeed with a new stamp release called ‘Too Hip’.  Adorable.  I also wanted an oh-so humorous set called Made By #2 for the back of my cards.  Oh, I agonised over the purchase.  The dollar is holding it’s own pretty well at the moment, but postage was going to be a killer.  Unfortunately the single Aussie stockist didn’t have the sets I wanted, so I made my purchase.  

madeby2__96485.1391623844.220.360 toohipweb__27824.1391624578.220.360

They arrived in 5 business days, and on using them I was hooked.  They are my favourite type of acrylic stamp … a bit sticky, and after a few uses the ink doesn’t bead on them anymore.  On showing them to some stamping friends, they were pretty darn excited.  So … I opened an account, and yesterday I became a stockist for Sweet Stamp Shop!  My first order is leaving the USA today, and I even have a couple of sets that haven’t been released yet *shhhhhh*.  Why all the fuss?  See for yourself!  I have all of these sets (and the two above) coming in, available as pre-order now.



Small sets are $6.75 + post
Medium sets are $9.45 + post
Large sets are $15.85 + post

Although prices are slightly higher than buying them direct, the shipping is so much cheaper within Australia that there are definately savings to be had!  Prices will change in line with the Aussie dollar, and I’m just a bit happy that it’s holding pretty well at the moment 🙂  If you see a set on the Sweet Stamp Shop website that you would like me to order in for you, just email me at sales@dawnlewis.com.au and I will add it to my next order!  I have a feeling I will be ordering again soon.  Looking for inspiration?  I’m building a Pinterest board loaded with great ideas for the sets I have in store.

Buy your stamps now, before they’re all snapped up .. CLICK HERE


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