New stamp sets!

Second shipment

Mmmmmm … I love the smell of photopolymer stamp sets in the morning!  A fresh batch just came in from the USA, including a few that will be in the #2 April release in a couple of weeks *shhhhh*

Cheeky__52369.1394030497.386.513Emotions__19912.1394030664.386.513Feeling_Today__68119.1394031199.386.513Foxyweb__38752.1391623529.220.360sparkleandshine__20726.1391274048.386.513elegantflowersweb__01322.1391623281.386.513cookieweb__85915.1391622961.386.513 $9.45 ea

Anatomy_Of_Love_web__46486.1391622485.386.513patterncrazeweb__22985.1391624035.386.513  $15.85  ea

CLICK HERE to find them in the shop.
Would you prefer to pay by direct debit or cheque?  Just email me at and I’ll be happy to arrange that for you!

CLICK HERE for some amazing inspiration on Pinterest.






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