New Stamp release day

April 2nd release

I must confess, I am a little OTT excited about this months new release … especially Mr. Octopus!!!  All those little accessory stamps fit onto the laptop screen!  AND … I can use them with other stamp sets, like Kitty Cat and Too Hip!  Mrs Sweet is one clever lady when it comes to putting these sets together!

You can pick up these sets right now in the online store HERE, but please note that Hedgehog Kisses are still on the plane, so they’re a pre-order.  All pre-order stamps can be purchased now, and will be shipped the day they arrive.

As a little release day bonus, if you purchase any of these sets from my store, you will receive a secret bonus in your parcel 😉

Meanwhile, I have added some very cool projects using these new release sets to the Pinterest board HERE.  A great place to look if you seek inspiration 😀

So … I would love to know … what’s your favourite set?


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