New Swap – Deco Squares

May swap walkthrough video intro

It’s swap time!  This month’s swap is Deco Squares … well, they don’t have to be squares.  Did you watch last week’s tutorial video?  You can find it HERE.

New swap types do tend to create a little confusion, so I made a video yesterday to walk you through exactly what you need to send, and the best way to pack it (CLICK HERE to view the video).  A well packed swap can save you $$ at the post office because as we all know, you pay for weight … but some people don’t realise that you pay for bulk too!  Keep it flat and light, and you’re laughing!

Happy to answer any questions you might have.  If you’d like to sign up, it’s as simple as sending an email to with ‘DECO SQUARES’ in the subject line.  Details go out on Sunday 4th May, and the due date is Friday 30th May.  Lots of time to create, pack and post.  Can’t wait to see what everyone makes!


One thought on “New Swap – Deco Squares

  1. To dawn,
    I watch your very time & I get good tips from your show,
    Tip 1 if you did ‘nt have a spunge like me, go to cheap places & get a pack of makeup spunge they do the same,job.trish

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