It’s been a busy week!

This week has gone by in a blur!  It seems like there’s no end to the list, though I have crossed off a good number of tasks.  I’ve been blogging up a storm over at *bespoke*, writing about some behind the scenes stuff to do with how I got to where I am now, Scrap It TV and creating projects for magazines … and there’s more to come!

photo 15

Diva Dolls, Patchwork & Stitching magazine

This morning the new promo for Scrap It TV season 7 was launched.  I can’t wait to actually see it on tv, but you can have a sneak peek at it on YouTube

Very cool!  A huge shipment of Sweet Stamp Shop stamps has just left the USA, and without all those public holidays to slow it down, it should be here really soon!  Everything will be available as a pre-order really soon IN THE SHOP.

Photo 22

My next task is to duck out to the shops and pick up ingredients to make an incredible honey bacon tart, though I’m only making half a batch, and will make them as individual tarts so I can keep a few gluten free for my cousin 🙂  Want the recipe?  You can find it at the 55 Fox Fiasco website … HERE.  I’ll also be subbing in some mixed herbs and regular balsamic and some honey in place of the products I don’t have.  Gotta love a versatile recipe.  And bacon!


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