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I love kanzashi templates!  Ever since I saw them demonstrated (and promptly started demonstrating them myself) last year at the Quilt & Craft Show, I’ve been hooked!  Sure … I don’t use them all the time, but when I do need a flower fast … these are my go-to templates!  When I first stocked them, they sold out the same day, and my supplier wasn’t able to get me anymore.  This is why I was a bit excited to find a new supplier last week who had these babies in my hands within a few days!

What are they?  they are little plastic templates that fold in half and show you exactly where to stitch to create a perfect petal every time.  They come in 5 designs, and I have the extra small ones in stock … but I can order them in larger sizes for anyone who needs them 🙂  I also have a few frill flower templates (small & extra small in the one pack, bargain!), and a gift bow maker (I see fabric scrap bows in my future!).  You can find them in the shop HERE.  As a bonus, anyone who makes a purchase & pays today (up to Midnight) will have their shipping refunded (a little celebration for the Facebook page reaching 600 last week).

Want to see them in action?  I have a video showing how to create a petal from start to finish, then turn them into a flower!  CLICK HERE for video

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