The Pinterest Challenge

So … in the wee hours of the morning a little idea planted itself in my mind … a Pinterest challenge!

The aim of the game is this … you look around Pinterest, or perhaps refer to your own boards for some cardmaking inspiration.  Send me as many pins as you like with the very handy ‘Send’ button (you need to be following me to use this, there’s a link below), or just email me a link.  On Friday I will choose one pin, and use it as inspiration for a video tutorial.  If I choose the pin you sent me, you will receive the finished card from the tutorial as your prize.  If more than one person sends the same pin that is chosen, I will do a random draw for the finished card prize, or send multiple prizes if I make more than one card in the process of making the tutorial.  Currently Australian entries only (due to postage costs overseas).

Warning … if you have never been on Pinterest before, you might want to set a timer to make sure you don’t lose track of time while you peruse all the beautiful pictures.  And perhaps make a cuppa.  I hold no responsibility for time lost on Pinterest LOL.  You have been warned!

Challenge info

CLICK HERE to go directly to my Pinterest boards and click ‘Follow’

No interest in being on Pinterest?  That’s ok too.  You can still look around without an account, and just email me a link to your inspiration photo to be in the game,

If we love this game a lot, then we might just have to play it again!  I can’t wait to see what you’re loving on Pinterest :D  I will close this comp after 3pm on Friday, but am not sure of the exact time because my days can get a little busy, depending what’s on the schedule LOL.

Dawn xx


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