Minecraft Party

Miss K and Miss E both have milestone birthdays this year.  Miss E was first, and she chose a Minecraft themed party.  Naturally, my first stop was Pinterest!  A quick search of ‘Minecraft party’ showed some absolutely amazing decoration, food ideas and costumes.  It looked like a LOT of work, so I showed Miss E some photos, and asked her if she wanted a super fancy buffet with decorations, or if they just wanted food, lollies and time to play the game in question.  Option 2 won out, so I was spared hours of lining up square plastic plates on the wall with blu-tak to resemble a creeper!!!

19 July 2014 Emilys party (7) reduced

We did put in a little effort, though.  We found green square plates, and little black serviettes.  The kids guessed all the Minecraft foods and did really well.  Chips were ‘potatoes’ or ‘brown mushrooms’, the jelly was lava and water, and the cheese sticks were ‘logs’.  I also found little glass milk bottles and set up a brewing station.

19 July 2014 Emilys party (5) reduced

The girls had fun picking out lollies.  Can you see dirt, zombies, skeletons, gems, lava, redstone, diamonds, tnt and gold?  They did!

19 July 2014 Emilys party (3)

Easiest cake I’ve ever made … brownies for dirt, green icing for grass, and some butter cake for sand.  Steve is right there, mining on the cake!

Seriously, this is one of the most fun birthday parties we’ve had.  All those kids playing Minecraft on the X-box, ipods and ipads was hilarious!!!


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