Discontinued Sweet Stamp Shop sets

Sweet Stamp Shop have discontinued a bunch of stamps today, so I thought I’d show you all the discontinued stamps that I have in stock.  When these are gone, they are gone for good.  I have a small number, maybe one, maybe two, maybe three!  You can find them in the shop HERE, and there are 4 pages to scroll through.

I do ship internationally, so if you’re in the USA, UK or any other country, just drop me an email or PM via Facebook HERE, and I’ll be happy to quote you for shipping 🙂

Chalkboard                              Cookies                             Easily Distracted
Chalkboard Sign    Cookie           Easily Distracted

Elegant Sentiments                                 Foxy                                  Made by #2
Elegant Sentiments     Foxy     Made By 2

Monkey Business                       Monogram It                   Numbers & Symbols
Monkey Business monogram It Numbers Symbols
Owl Be Back                            Panda Face                     Wash It Press It
Owl Be Genius Panda Face Press It Wash It

Sparkle & Shine                      Stuck On This                          Viewfinder
Sparkle and Shine Stuck On This viewfinder

Yummy Love                                    Zombies
Yummy Love Zombies


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