I know that Halloween is not very popular in Australia.  I’ve actually never really had any interest in it.  But now I am the mother of teenagers, and not just any old teenagers.  My girls love to cosplay, and when you put as much time & effort into those costumes, you want to show them off as often as you can!  They have great friends, and they all love to dress up and cosplay too.  There was also the issue of trick or treating … it’s very hilly here (VERY hilly, almost cliff-like!) and trudging around the neighbourhood to find a handfull of houses happy to have trick or treaters (and it is always HOT) is just awful.  We hate the safety aspect, and hate bothering the neighbours.  And so, our annual halloween party was born.

2014-10-31 20.06.43 reduced

Thank goodness for Pinterest, I say!  I also have a friend who actually does love Halloween, who graciously (and enthusiastically) assisted me last year, and again this year.  We keep it pretty simple, and shop for halloween decorations when they’re marked down the week after halloween 😉  Actually … this year hubby was lucky enough to be in the USA in the weeks leading up to Halloween.  Have a look at what he found at Disneyland!

20141018_103845 reduced

It really did get him into the spirit of it … and so he dressed up this year.  The costume unravelled pretty fast, but it was fun!

2014-11-01 00.55.08 reduced


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