Christmas Fundraiser

This is a fundraiser I’m coordinating for my dd’s school Special Education Unit.  These teachers do an absolutely incredible job teaching and caring for these kids, including one of mine.  Honestly … I’d be lost without them.


This fundraiser is the most useful Christmas fundraiser EVER!  These tags are customised with your names in the ‘from’ section, to save you the time and mild sanity-breaking activity of writing out your family’s names over and over and over again when wrapping gifts.  Have I mentioned that these are proving quite popular with large families? LOL

If you would like to have some personalised Christmas gift-tags of your very own to use this Christmas, please email me at with ‘CHRISTMAS TAGS’ in the subject line, and I will be happy to fill your order.  Payment will need to be direct debit or using the family/friends/gift option on Paypal (because we can’t have the unit losing their funds to Paypal fees).  If you want to risk cash in the post, I’ll take postal orders at PO Box 9387, Wyoming, NSW  2250 as well (just print off the PDF below)

Want to share this with family, friends, neighbours, gym buddies, workmates, etc?  CLICK HERE for a PDF flyer/order form to print and place in your tea room, break room, work notice board, reception desk, etc.

tag sample reduced

Just a little peek at how your tag could look (minus the watermark of course) with your family name on it.

Tags are professionally printed on matte photo paper, and the best way to write on them is to use a Sharpie marker.  Then just use sticky tape like you would with those dollar shop cardboard ones, or some double sided tape on the back.  Or, punch a hole in the corner and use as a swing tag.  These tags are unique … you won’t find anyone else with this fundraiser, anywhere!

Thanks to you, for considering helping the HKHS Special Ed Unit fundraiser … teachers, parents & students really appreciate it 🙂


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