Sweet Stamp Shop – new goodies incoming!

Have you seen the gorgeous Sweet Stamp Shop planner sets?  Well … they have been incredibly popular, and rightly so!  I just got word that my last 2 Sweet orders have shipped, and all the goodies are up as pre-orders in the shop.  All pre-ordered sets that are purchased now, will be shipped the day the parcel arrives.  And, yes … I stalk my PO Box daily when waiting for sweet goodies 😀

So … how about a sneak peek of what’s coming?

Give Em Tacos Granny Panties Guac Love His and Hers Never Enough Plan Baby Plan to Clean Plan To Work Plan Women Planner Script Quilt Stitch Taco Bout It

Across The Miles

How fun are these stamps?????
Petite Sets are $5.75
Medium Sets are $9.45
Large sets are $15.85
Post anywhere within Australia starts at 75c for petite & medium sizes … yup, nice & thin and light!

Of course, I do have other sets in the shop, including some discontinued stamps 😉  Where is this mystical shop?  Right HERE for stamps!


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