It’s my birthday … again!

My very clever husband, after many years experience, realised that I simply do not need more “stuff” for my birthday.  So he booked me into a wonderful thai cooking class, and I spent my birthday learning how to make green & red curries, soup, noodle dishes, spring rolls and more!  Incredibly tasty, clutter-free and thoughtful gift,and I’m pretty sure he’s angling to see some of my newfound skills on his dinner plate very soon 😉

thai cookingMy very clever sister made me a crochet hook roll (which she crocheted, of course), so now my lovely new bamboo hooks and all my existing hooks fit happily in one secure and portable caddy!  It even has my name on it … see … get it? *hee hee*

Screenshot 2015-02-23 12.45.12
And because it is my birthday in the USA today, I have decided to just stretch the celebrations out over a week!  And you know what that means?  Oh yes … a sale, dear Copic addicted friends!  The first to get the details are the awesome peeps on my email newsletter list, so if you’re not on it, get on over and sign up on the website home page HERE.  It’s happening all week, with some serious bargains on 4 of my favourite things … because there may or may not be the number 4 in my age.  Maybe.


Birthday makeover!

The new Creation Station.

I had this nifty idea that for E’s birthday I would get her a desk and chair for her room, but I was worried she might think it was boring. I did try to get to IKEA, but the car had other ideas.  I had to get something so Officeworks was the closest thing I could find.  Success!  I got a larger desk for the same money, and a gorgeous pink chair.  A quick stop at the dollar store and she now has a whole ream of paper to draw on, new textas and other drawing goodies.  A few of her favourite dolls even hid in the drawers to surprise her!  Hubby took one look at the flatpacks and declared he would stay home to help.  Wow … I am so glad he did!  It took us 5 hours to put it all together, get her room reorganised and blow up balloons!

Clean walls and more space to play.

It was torture waiting for her to get home from school!  I couldn’t wait for to unwrap her desk (yes … I wrapped it, using some throws!).  I lurked in her room waiting for her to come in.  Success!  The balloons, the chalk pen message on her mirror and the new layout … she loved it all!  Kudos to the lovely Yvette for the balloon/chalk pen idea!

Stacking these shelves created more room.

Sure … the room isn’t finished yet, but I’ll share more pics as I get stuck in and declutter & organise this room further.  Right now, though … I think it’s time for cake!